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Make Good Look Up

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American Public Media Funding Credits Make Good Policy

Any and all stations broadcasting any American Public Media (APM) programs are required to air all underwriting/grant/funding credits as scheduled in each program.

Stations must:

  • Air all APM credits as broadcast within scheduled programs (underwriting, grants or other similar credit).
  • Air all credit copy as written by APM.
  • Exception: during technical difficulties, station objections to program content or circumstances beyond control (Eg, station power outage) that prevent airing an APM program, the station is not required to make good missed credits.
  • If an APM program is pre-empted and credits are missed, the station should make good missed credits.
  • Make good credits must be aired at the next on air opportunity, adjacent to the program or the following day. In the case of a weekly program, they could be made up the following week, if necessary.


  • If a station pre-empts regularly scheduled APM programming and/or the associated credits during on-air fundraising, the pre-empted credits should be made good as outlined above.

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