APM Celebrates is our unique package of programs for holidays and more.

From annual listener favorites like The Splendid Table's "Turkey Confidential", to classical music specials, to new offerings that explore everything from transportation trends to personal history and grief, APM Celebrates offers something for every audience and occasion.

Air windows are listed on individual program pages. Specific download times are listed in ContentDepot.

Celebrating James Baldwin

Guest host LeVar Burton presents a program celebrating the author he calls “potent and polemical.”

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Performance Today's Classical Critters

Performance Today's Classical Critters is a sixty-minute romp through classical music about and inspired by our animal friends: how they sound, how they move, who they are and what they do.

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Lift Every Voice

A collection of powerful songs, stories and interviews with some of today’s most acclaimed Black Artists and Scholars.

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Witness: Black History Month

A special hour-long edition of Witness History from the BBC World Service, bringing together some incredible interviews looking at the African-American experience. Told by people who were there, we hear stories that are fascinating, harrowing, and inspiring.

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Love at the Movies

A special Valentine’s Day program and offshoot of the weekly national program Saturday Cinema, Love at the Movies is an hour of classic movie scores from romantic films, rom-coms, animated love stories and more.

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Irish Inspirations: Women in Irish Classical Music

Audiences will hear an accessible and affectionate tribute to women in Ireland and elsewhere who, as performers and composers, have reflected Irish themes in their work.

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Witness: Women's History Month

A special hour-long edition of Witness History from the BBC World Service. Remarkable stories of women’s history, told by the women who were there.

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In Deep: The Hidden Story of America's Troubled Water Infrastructure

When water comes rushing out of the tap, seemingly clear and perfect, it’s easy to think we’ve got it figured out. But in reality, the underground world of pipes and sewers is in trouble. For the past year, our reporters have been doing a deep dive into America’s water infrastructure. What we’ve found is disturbing.

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