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The APM Research Lab is home to a team of researchers who inform the public with both original and curated research, facts, and analysis. This work helps equip journalists, civic and business leaders, and all others who want to know what the best research has to say about challenges and opportunities facing families, communities, and organizations throughout the nation.

The APM Research Lab conducts research projects of all types—surveys, demographic analyses, literature reviews, and more—and informs the work of partner organizations and the broader public through traditional reports, as well as infographics, blog posts, interactives, presentations, and other platforms.

The Research Lab augments the work of other members of the American Public Media Group family, including Marketplace, APM Reports, Minnesota Public Radio News, Southern California Public Radio, the Water Main, and Call to Mind.


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Roots Beyond Race

The APM Research Lab's Roots Beyond Race project is the most comprehensive portrait of Americans’ identity available anywhere. Typically, discussions of race and ethnicity show U.S. residents in five or six broad categories. This project goes beyond basic race groups to reveal our incredibly varied populations and histories, reflecting immigration patterns across generations and up to the present.

Roots Beyond Race contains data on 195 heritage groups and demonstrates the complex, overlapping, and fascinating origins of those who live in the United States. These data are self-reported and therefore reveal Americans’ own construction of identity, as reported to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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