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APM Reports' in-depth investigations and documentaries strive to raise awareness, trigger debate, and prompt positive change. APM Reports journalists shine light on the truth with distinctive reporting.

The documentary unit of APM Reports has produced more than 130 programs on topics such as health, history, education and justice. Current documentaries are featured here. Please visit the APM Reports website for a complete archive.

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In the Dark Season 2

About the Series

In the Dark is gripping investigative storytelling. The Trials of Curtis Flowers presents the story of Curtis Flowers, a black man tried six times for the same crime – a quadruple murder in a small town in Mississippi – and a white prosecutor determined to have him executed.

The Supreme Court reversed Flowers' conviction June 21, ruling that the prosecutor used racial discrimination in the jury selection for Flowers’ most recent trial. Key findings from the APM Reports’ investigation were included in the case presented to the Supreme Court.

The special and promos have been updated to reflect this decision.

In the Dark is available at no additional charge. APM Reports' award-winning journalism is included in your affiliation fee.

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APM Reports' award-winning documentary team has created three new education specials for fall 2019, available for broadcast beginning August 6.

2018 Fall Education Series

Students on the Move: Keeping uprooted kids in school

Frequent moves are hard on kids. A growing body of research says children with unstable housing are more likely to struggle in school and more likely to drop out - and millions of children in the United States face housing challenges.

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2019 Fall Education Series

Under a Watchful Eye: How colleges are tracking students to boost graduation

Colleges need more students to graduate, so many are embracing a tool used by corporations and social media companies to track the clicks and movements of their customers: big data.

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2019 Fall Education Series

At a Loss for Words: What's wrong with how schools teach reading

There's an idea about how people read words that's deeply embedded in teaching practices and curriculum materials used in most elementary school classrooms. While the idea has been disproven by cognitive scientists, it continues to be taught in teacher preparation programs, promoted in professional development sessions, and marketed by publishers.

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APM Reports (formerly American RadioWorks) has won some of the most prestigious awards in journalism, including:

  • AERA Award for Excellence in Media Reporting on Education Research
  • Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Gold, Silver Batons
  • George Polk Award
  • National Press Foundation Dirksen Award for Distinguished Coverage of Congress
  • Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award
  • American Women in Radio and Television Gracie Allen Awards
  • Mental Health America Media Awards
  • Education Writers Association National Awards
  • ICIJ Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting

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