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Emma Pendino
Phone: +44 7709 325026
E-mail: emma.pendino@bbc.co.uk

BBC Listener Inquiries

Did a member of your audience miss a story, or want to hear it again? Please contact emma.pendino@bbc.co.uk.

BBC Media Partner Centre

BBC Media Partner Centre is a dedicated site providing everything our partners need, from program information to content downloads. (Read More)

Program rundowns can also be found on the Media Partner Centre.

If you have any issues, please contact the BBC through this form

Social Media


BBC World Service

BBC World Service is available via ContentDepot. Stations must subscribe to each hour of BBC World Service programming they intend to air. ContentDepot program pages are set up as individual hourly live feeds (0000, 0100, 0200, etc.) for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Stations must subscribe to all of the hours they wish to receive.


Topline is delivered via ContentDepot file transfer at 6:18, 7:18, 8:18, 9:18, 10:18 and 11:18 a.m. ET each morning, Monday through Friday. The air window runs from ::30:00 - ::45:00. The length of each program is 1:30.


Newscasts are part of the regular 24x7 BBC World Service feed available via ContentDepot. There is no unique "Newscasts Only" feed. Stations must subscribe to each of the live stream(s) for the hours in which they wish to air the newscasts.

On-Air Promos

Daily live promos for Newshour are available via the ContentDepot.

Generic promos for Newshour, Newshour music beds, and generic promos for World Service are available on ContentDepot.

Additional generic promos are available on the Media Partner Centre.

Custom Promos

You can request your own custom promo. Please complete the custom promo form.

The BBC World Service has specific considerations around custom promo requests. Please allow up to 6 weeks for production of custom promos.

Also, please note that the BBC is prohibited by British law to make direct asks to listeners for monetary support.

View BBC custom promo guidelines and examples.


Use our suggested pitch points to raise more money for your BBC World Service programming.

Complement your efforts with evergreen Newshour segments and generic promos on ContentDepot.


Don't see what you need, or need a different format? Our creative team is happy to help. Please submit a request.

Download: Branding & Social Media Guidelines

BBC World Service logos and digital assets cannot be altered or co-branded (with your station logo, etc.) without approval by BBC World Service and APM. Please contact your Station Representative.

Affiliates agree to execute the BBC trademark licence agreement that grants stations rights for the use of the provided trademarks (logos) in conjunction with their affiliation agreement through American Public Media.

Questions about carrying BBC World Service or your affiliation?