The Economy, What Now?

Marketplace presents a series of three hour-long specials exploring the current state of the economy and where we go from here

The convergence of a spiraling pandemic, unprecedented economic free fall and a national reckoning about racial injustice pushes us to examine what happens next. Is this the inflection point where we’ll see change in the direction of our country? Marketplace presents a series of three hour-long specials exploring The Economy, What Now?


Molly Wood: Molly Wood is the host of Marketplace Tech, a weekday show that helps listeners understand the business behind the technology that's rewiring our lives. In addition, she joins forces with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal to connect the dots on the economy, tech and culture as co-host of the podcast Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly. Before joining Marketplace in 2015, she was a tech columnist at The New York Times and an executive editor at CNET where she launched the CNET podcast “Buzz Out Loud”, one of the early successes in podcasting, which fans still celebrate.

David Brancaccio: David Brancaccio is the host and senior editor of Marketplace Morning Report. Airing five times each morning, his reporting focuses on the future of the economy, financial and labor markets, technology, the environment and social enterprises. In the early 1990s, David was Marketplace's European correspondent based in London, and he hosted Marketplace's evening program from 1993 to 2003. He has appeared on CBS, CNBC, MSNBC and BBC World Service Television; his written work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Baltimore Sun and The Guardian. David is author of the book Squandering Aimlessly, an exploration of how Americans apply their personal values to their money.

Kai Ryssdal: Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, the most widely heard program on business and the economy — radio or television, commercial or public broadcasting — in the country. In addition, he joins forces with Marketplace Tech's Molly Wood to connect the dots on the economy, tech and culture as co-host of the podcast Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly. Kai first came to Marketplace in 2001 as the host of Marketplace Morning Report, where he covered the economic aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the collapse of Enron, and the slow buildup to the housing crash, the financial crisis and the Great Recession.


One hour each.

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Episode 1 - Marketplace Tech: Technology: The Pivot Point

Broadcast window: July 31, 2020-August 6, 2020
Episode promos available: July 23, 2020
Episode rundown available: July 30, 2020

During this recession, technology has been keeping society and the economy afloat, from the platforms distributing food and masks to the physical wiring that lets us all stay connected. Biotech companies are working to transform the way we fight and cure diseases like COVID-19. And educators are struggling to find ways to make digital learning as effective as in-person classes. Marketplace Tech’s Molly Wood shares how current innovations might help us transition to our post-pandemic future, and how the crisis has underscored the inequity in internet access.

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Episode 2 - Marketplace Morning Report: Reimagining the Economy

Broadcast window: August 7, 2020 - August 13, 2020
Episode promos available: July 30, 2020
Episode rundown available: August 6, 2020

We are in the midst of a pandemic that has led to one of the worst economic crises in our history. Once the public health emergency becomes manageable, this country still faces one of the biggest public issue of our lifetimes: will we go back to business, inequity and the systemic racism we had, or will we draw a blueprint for the economy we want? In this one-hour special, Marketplace Morning Report’s David Brancaccio explores what a new reimagined economy might look like and what it will take for us to get there.

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Episode 3 - Marketplace: The Economy, Reset

Broadcast window:August 14, 2020 - August 20, 2020
Episode promos available: August 6, 2020
Episode rundown available: August 13, 2020

The pandemic and the financial crisis have highlighted a fundamental truth: our economy has never worked for everyone. Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal will talk with experts about what it will take to begin to end the systemic racism that has defined our society and our economy for the last 400 years. Through host interviews, relevant historic examples, and personal stories, the program will offer solutions-based ideas for a fully integrated and inclusive economy.

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