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In global breaking news moments, BBC World Service offers the best coverage for your audience. We know you need details as quickly as possible about what coverage BBC will offer. To receive programming information even faster in these critical moments, BBC World Service offers a breaking news text service for its global partners, including U.S. public radio stations.

For example, you'll receive a text that BBC World Service is going to rolling coverage, or a text about special programming and its start time.

  • The service does not send texts of breaking news. You'll receive texts of BBC programming in response to it.

  • This service complements APM's official communication during breaking news situations. APM will communicate the same information via ContentDepot and email alerts, as well as include relevant details on program content and clock changes, break lifts, etc. as needed. The advantage of the text service is it will give you more immediate programming plans by BBC World Service.

  • Text alerts are a one-way communication channel from BBC operations. They are not equipped to receive replies or answer questions. Please direct any follow-up questions to your APM Stations Relations Representative and watch for ContentDepot alerts.

Sign up for the text service using this form. You'll receive a confirmation email when you are enrolled. If you want to stop receiving the text service, please contact your APM Stations Relations Representative.

Questions about carrying BBC World Service or your affiliation? We're here for you.