In global breaking news moments, BBC World Service offers the best coverage for your audience.

We know you need details as quickly as possible about what coverage BBC will offer. When a breaking news event warrants a schedule change, APM and BBC are in close communication to determine programming details.

APM’s official breaking news communications are though ContentDepot alerts, where relevant program details (including clocks and schedules) will be shared as soon as possible. Watch for alerts around schedule changes and program details.

The BBC World Service schedule has a robust schedule of live news programming throughout the day (see the most current schedule and clocks). Live news programs include: Newshour, Newsday, BBC OS, The Newsroom and Weekend. Tap into the 24/7 stream and rely on the BBC to ensure your audiences are hearing the latest in international news.

Program rundowns can also be found on the Media Partner Centre.

Stations who were previously subscribed to the text alert systems should rely on ContentDepot alerts for all breaking news communications.

Station Emergency Protocols

Many stations have incorporated BBC World Service programming into their emergency protocols. When you are left with reduced staff due to natural disasters, evacuations or local breaking news, consider automating the 24/7 BBC World Service feed.

Questions about carrying BBC World Service or your affiliation?