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Two Minutes Past Nine

10 weekly episodes, beginning December 12
17 minutes 30 seconds*

Leah Sottile investigates the legacy of the Oklahoma City Bombing and America’s far-right. Recorded over some of the most divisive and turbulent months in recent American political history, Two Minutes Past Nine explores and questions the changing face of far right extremism in all its chaos and conspiracies.

* Programming Note: Due to the length of these episodes, we suggest stations place them in a local talk show or consider devoting the last 20 minutes of a magazine-format program once a week to this topic. Stations could also use the episodes as a launch into a local discussion about extremism in their community.

The Big Idea: The Reason Edition

January 10 - 16
One hour

In this edition, we hear answers to five fascinating questions that are all to do with understanding how we form patterns of thinking. From reason to rationality, these five big ideas will tackle the way our brain discerns information and understanding from the world around us.

My viral video and me

January 17 - 23
One hour

So many people spend their time chasing the allure of fame, however, very few ever reach the level of world-wide recognition that viral phenomena obtain almost overnight. Colm Flynn tracks down the people he watched online growing up, to find out what happened to them after their initial viral fame faded. He visits people who amassed hundreds of millions of worldwide views and embedded themselves in the minds of a generation.

Voices from the Ghetto

January 24 - 30
One hour

For Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, the story of a remarkable secret project conducted inside the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Codenamed Oyneg Shabbat (Joy of the Sabbath), a team of 'researchers' wrote and collected documents detailing life and death inside the ghetto. Drawing on the words of the Oyneg Shabbat project and the memories of Janina Davidowicz, then a child who escaped the Ghetto just before its destruction, this program marks the time behind the walls when people lived and struggled for another life, using rare recordings to reimagine the sounds of an extinguished world.

Witness History: Black History Month Special

February 1 - 28
One hour

This special features eyewitness accounts of important moments in recent African American history.

We hear from the daughter of the man named in the court case which became a turning point in the battle for civil rights, plus the sister of a teenage girl killed in a racist bomb attack. We learn how the winning performance of an all-Black basketball team helped change White American's attitude to segregation in sport.

Later, hear about Rodney King, whose attack by police in 1991 was caught on camera and seen by millions - the later acquittal of the officers sparked days of rioting. Finally we hear from Bilal Chatman, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison under the 1994 'three strikes law' which disproportionately affected Black Americans.

Presenter Max Pearson talks to Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall of John Jay College of Criminal Justice to help put it all into context.

Coronavirus Frontline - The Search for a Vaccine

February 9 - 15
One Hour

Winifred Robinson reports on the global race to create a vaccine for Covid-19. We also meet a team of young ambassadors, recruited to help build trust locally, as medical teams follow up with those who appear reluctant to be vaccinated.

World Questions - The Politics of Covid-19

February 13 - March 12
One hour

As we approach a year of the pandemic, World Questions will debate how politics has been affected by the Coronavirus. Some countries have been hit much harder than others. How has democracy fared? Jonny Dymond and an international panel of experts and political leaders debate questions put to them by the public around the world.

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