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Each month, the BBC World Service offers new documentaries and specials selected specifically for U.S. audiences, with in-depth, relevant reporting.

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March documentaries and specials explore the past, present and future, from women's history, to present-day cultural shifts in Ireland and Mexico, to the future of Israel, Palestine, and human-robot relations.

With reporting from across the U.S. and around the globe, connect your audience to the world with these unique stories and perspectives.

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The Conversation on Tour in Dublin
March 2-29, 2019
One hour

The Conversation travels to Ireland, a country which voted in two ground-breaking referendums in the last five years. The same sex marriage and abortion referendums have changed the lives of many Irish women forever – and the campaigns continue. Citizens are expected to go the ballot again to vote on removing a clause from the Irish Constitution that effectively says a woman's place is in the home.

Hear a panel of successful and outspoken influencers, each a trailblazer in their field and responsible for pushing the boundaries of what women can have and achieve. They discuss life after the referendums, and what's next in the fight for equality in Ireland. The debate is staged in front of an audience in Dublin Castle, the historic heart of the city.

Global Questions: Future of Israelis and Palestinians
March 11-17, 2019
One hour

Zainab Badawi is in Israel following the country's 70th Anniversary to ask what the next 70 years might bring.

The Middle East awaits President Trump's much vaunted peace plan – billed as the "deal of the century." A quarter of a century on from the Oslo Accords, what chance is there now for the "two-state solution," where an independent Palestinian state sits alongside Israel?

The Documentary: Can you Murder a Robot?
March 17-23, 2019
One hour

Robots are designed to help us, so why do humans like to hurt them? The Documentary explores robot torture, and the other side of robot usage – when robots are designed to do our worst in war.
We"ll meet a robotics maker who specializes in entertainment robots, but who has been repeatedly asked to make assassins. He explains why we may need to be worried about the human-robot relationship.

Witness: Women's History Month
March 1-31, 2019
One hour

This new, special edition of Witness celebrates women's lives and stories. Hear interviews with Eleanor Roosevelt's granddaughter, a woman who ran a secret school for girls in Afghanistan under the Taliban, and the astounding journey taken by the remains of Eva Perón, one of Latin America's most popular politicians. Also available from APM Celebrates.

The Documentary: Praying for Petrol
March 31-April 6, 2019
One hour

How is Mexico's illegal petrol trade creating a new culture through film, song and prayer?

Journalist Juan Paullier visits Mexico's "Red Triangle," a region of central Puebla where dozens of pipelines intersect, to discover how the activities of the huachicoleros are already becoming immortalized in folklore.

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