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The Day I Met The King

April 29 – May 26
One hour

To coincide with his Coronation, people from across the world recall their meetings with King Charles III of the United Kingdom.

The Documentary: The Making of King Charles

May 2 - May 29
Half hour

We explore the campaigns Charles III pursued as Prince and ask what he will do as King. In this programme, we speak to the people who know him best, to explain the ideas and values which motivated him for so many decades. What will happen now that he is subject to constraints as a constitutional monarch and expected to be impartial?

Iraq: Generation Invasion

May 20 – June 9
One hour

Young Iraqis recall life under US-occupation and speak of their hopes for the future.

Forum - A deep dive into deepfakes

May 27 – June 23
One hour

Misinformation spread by faked images is almost as old as film itself. Presenter Iszi Lawrence invites a panel of experts to tackle your questions about AI technology and the uses of deepfakes.

Witness History: Pride Month

June 1 – June 30
One hour

Curated from the BBC’s Witness History program, significant moments in LGBTQ history – as told by the people who were there.

Controlled & Connected - 50 Years of the cell phone

June 17 – July 7
One hour

50 years on from the first mobile phone call, this programme examines how the device has revolutionised the way we live our lives. What have we gained and what have we lost from our relationship with this small device which has gone from being a phone to a mini computer in all our pockets?

The Forum - Global mass tourism

June 24 – July 21
One hour

Drawing on listeners’ questions and comments, Rajan Datar examines the way mass tourism has impacted people’s lives, both positively and negatively, and looks for lessons from the history of tourism that can help us find a more balanced future for the industry.

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