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Each month, the BBC World Service offers new documentaries and specials selected specifically for U.S. audiences, with in-depth, relevant reporting. Typically one-hour, or two half-hours on a similar topic, they offer great content for any time of day, and satisfy audiences' needs for deeper narratives and more reflective listening.

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Desert Island Discs: Lin-Manuel Miranda
December 28, 2019 – January 24, 2020
One hour

Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer, lyricist, actor and creator and original star of the musical, "Hamilton," shares with Lauren Laverne the eight tracks, book and luxury item he'd want to take with him if he found himself on a desert island.

Germany: Justice and Memory
January 12 - 19
One hour

How has Germany tried to come to terms with the legacy of its Nazi past? We meet the little known small team of Nazi crime investigators, who've identified more than 28,000 Nazi crime scenes. But soon those who lived through the Nazi period will all be dead. What difference will it make when there are no more victims alive to tell their stories, no more prosecutions or trials? Will this history be still remembered and understood?

Re-wilding in Finland and Belarus
January 23 – 29
One hour

How do you go net-zero in carbon emission waste in 15 years? In Finland a fisherman-turned-climate scientist believes he has part of the answer: re-wilding the country's peat fields. Then, Monica Whitlock visits the strange new wilderness emerging in the heart of Europe – as the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant becomes re-inhabited by moose, elk, and wild boar.

Two one hour episodes
Episode one: Mexico - February 5 – 25
Episode two: Poland - February 19 - 25

At a pivotal point in gender relations, Tim Samuels and Anna Holligan head to Mexico and Poland to hear what's on the minds of women and men. They speak to a wide range of people, building a nuanced and stereotype-defying mosaic of the gender experience.

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