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Each month, the BBC World Service offers new documentaries and specials selected specifically for U.S. audiences, with in-depth, relevant reporting.

Docs and specials are typically one-hour, or two half-hours on a similar topic. They offer great content for any time of day, and satisfy audiences' needs for deeper narratives and more reflective listening.

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November documentaries and specials spotlight the life and times of a former U.S. senator, the global popularity of instant noodles, and how young women rate news media coverage. Connect your audience to the world with these unique stories and perspectives.

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From Truman to Trump
November 13-19, 2018
Half hour

Former Maryland Senator Joe Tydings died in October, but the BBC secured the 90-year-old’s final broadcast interview. Audiences will hear about one of the most exciting periods in U.S. history, including his memories of the protests, assassinations and political upheaval which marked the 1960s – and why Tydings never forgave Donald Trump for pinching the family crest. It’s a look back at a remarkable career and the profound changes in how America is run.

The Eternal Life of the Instant Noodle
November 18-24, 2018
One hour

The most traded legal item in U.S. prisons? Instant noodles. According to the World Instant Noodles Association, 270 million servings are eaten around the world every day – that’s 16-17 portions for every man, woman and child every year.

Celia Hatton explores how students, travelers and prisoners helped to make instant noodles a global phenomenon.

Reporting Women
November 25-December 1, 2018
One hour

Lyse Doucet hosts this hour-long exploration of how young women around the world perceive news coverage – and which stories they think media are missing.

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