APM Classical Music EIDA Statement

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Access (EIDA) are critical to our mission to serve our audiences.

We acknowledge that the music industry in all its forms, including those at Classical APM, have long benefited from and contributed to systems of oppression and white supremacy.

To that end, Classical APM is united in our commitment to our audiences to transform ourselves into antiracist organizations that can lead change across the country.

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Access at Classical APM starts in our workplace and extends to every region we touch, and we will use our resources and platforms in an impactful and responsible way.

We pledge to develop a better understanding around issues of bias and injustice through training, listening, analysis and structural change. We will build bridges to those who feel unheard. We are devoted to recruiting, hiring, and investing in people who come from historically marginalized communities. We will include more voices in our programming with emphasis on those who have been historically silenced. We will expand our community partnerships to co-create content with under-represented groups. Additionally, we will distance ourselves from those who do not share our values of inclusivity and anti-racism.

Classical APM will work diligently to listen, learn, and incorporate activities that improve our delivery of inclusive, equitable and diverse content, programming and dialogue that better represents the diversity of our world.

Questions about APM Classical EIDA Statement?