How Does the Russian Propaganda Machine Work? Are There Lessons for the United States?

When Ukrainian soldiers liberated the town of Bucha, Ukraine in March, 2022, news reports showed scenes of bodies lying in the streets. Human Rights Watch documented cases of summary executions. But on Russian state television, the news was presented as “fake,” a staged event. Objective reporting about the war in Ukraine is now against the law in Russia and journalists can’t even use the word “war” in their stories. But it wasn’t always like this. Two veteran Russian journalists, who’ve experienced the changes firsthand, explain what’s happened and how “fake news” has helped solidify authoritarian rule in Russia.


  • Galina Timchenko, CEO and publisher of the independent news organization Meduza
  • Alexey Kovalev, Russian investigative reporter

This is one episode of “In the Room with Peter Bergen,” a weekly show from Audible Originals that delivers sound-rich, narrative explorations of issues affecting the safety and security of the United States, its citizens, and the world.


Peter Bergen: A best-selling author and journalist, Bergen has reported and written extensively on national security issues for decades. He produced the first western TV interview with Osama bin Laden, in 1998, and has since developed a reputation for fair and clear-eyed analysis as well as a long list of sources — from the backroads of central Asia and the Middle East to the corner offices of the State Department. Bergen is a caucasian American male (with a British accent from growing up in England).


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