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Is the Economy Working for You?

The narrative of the Trump Economy is relentlessly positive. Record levels of unemployment, rising wages, a rip-roaring stock market, the rebirth of manufacturing, lower taxes, sky high consumer confidence, lower prescription drug prices...and, nearly all those claims are true to one degree or another.

Something else is also true—the Trump economy is not working equally well for everyone. In fact, while the last three years have delivered huge economic gains, they have been concentrated among fewer people than ever.

Economic inequality has never been greater. That's why our election coverage will be focused around one central question. Is this economy working for you?

For much of the country this will not be an easy yes or no answer.  So, for the next eight months Marketplace will spend time in communities across the country, where the economy shows up in different ways, take a deep look at the kind of work we do now, and put that economic narrative of economic abundance to the test. And we will bring the results to audiences as we always do, with a mission to raise the country's economic intelligence, through unorthodox storytelling, casual conversation and unexpected angles on the news.

Elements of our coverage:

  • The (Campaign-Free) Bus Tour: Marketplace reporters will travel regional, national and inner-city bus lines to tell the stories of people and communities in this economy, that are often left out of the national spotlight. We'll tell those stories both on the bus and on the ground.
  • The United States of Work: An in-depth look at the kind of work we do now, and the people who do it.
  • Candidate Interviews: Focusing on Economic platforms.
  • Economic Anxiety Index: A national poll on the economic anxiety of the nation.

Part of APM's Election 2020 coverage. Visit the Marketplace program page for more information or reach out to your station relations representative with any questions you may have.


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