This week-in-view module delivers an international perspective on U.S. current affairs.

Produced by the BBC Partner Hub – the same team that produces six 90-second Topline editions each weekday morning – Global View leverages the breadth of the BBC’s 24/7 World News Monitoring service to create a single 4-minute weekend module that delivers an international perspective on U.S. current affairs, and America’s place in the world.

How is the world reporting on what’s happening in the U.S.? How are key issues of US foreign policy, including America’s position on important topics like climate change, being reported on, discussed and commented on in Latin America, Russia, Europe and Africa?

Utilize Global View to enhance and support your established weekend news programming by seamlessly placing it during breaks in Weekend Edition or Weekend All Things Considered, or as a tool to forward-promote other news programs throughout your weekend.

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Rob Hugh-Jones, Rich Preston and Audrey Tinline




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Global View is delivered via ContentDepot file transfer. Air Window: available Friday at 4 p.m. ET through Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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Rob Hugh-Jones

Rob Hugh-Jones is currently Editor of the BBC Partner Hub. Before that, he was Managing Editor of WNYC's The Takeaway, and Managing Editor of PRI's The World, produced with WGBH in Boston. Rob also served as The World's BBC bureau chief for several years. Rob completed his graduate studies at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, so his knowledge of the United States – and American radio audiences – runs deep.

Rob has also worked across many other parts of the BBC. He started as a local reporter in London, then various regions of the UK. He served as news bulletin writer in the BBC World Service newsroom for two years, then as Producer on Newshour, and Senior Producer on Outlook. Rob moved to BBC TV for four years, working on award-winning documentaries for BBC 1 and 2 (the primary BBC TV networks) including Panorama (the BBC's investigative current affairs flagship, which compares to PBS Frontline).

Rob has been steeped in international news for the best part of 20 years. He lived in Africa and North America as a child, and is very well travelled. He has covered numerous, momentous global news stories, including the British handover of Hong Kong in 1997, and the seminal Bonn conference in Germany right after 9/11, which plotted a way forward for the U.S., and allies in Afghanistan and beyond.

Rob and his wife Alice live south of London and have a very sporty nine-year-old son, Leo, who is crazy about football (soccer) and cricket (you know, that baseball-kind-of-game the Brits and others continue to play!).  

Rich Preston

Rich is a senior foreign news journalist and presenter, seen on BBC World TV and heard on the BBC World Service reporting international stories for audiences around the world.

Rich covers major international events and significant stories, most recently including the Trump impeachment inquiry, waves of anti-government protests across the Middle East and Europe, and was the first BBC news reporter to cover the first death from coronavirus – and continued to follow the story as it unfolded around the world.

He's worked from Europe to West Africa, and above the Arctic Circle. He previously covered western Europe, reporting some of the most significant events to shape the continent in generations, including the migrant crisis, the Scottish Independence Referendum, terror attacks in France and Belgium, and the UK’s Brexit vote.


Audrey Tinline

Audrey is a very experienced presenter, reporter and senior producer with BBC radio, having worked with the BBC for more than 20 years. She is currently a Senior Broadcast Journalist on BBC business programs. She also produces news and current affairs programmes across BBC World Service radio and writes features for BBC online.

Before coming to the BBC Audrey was a producer in Singapore on Asia Business News TV, a pan-Asian satellite TV station set up by Dow Jones. And she worked at RTHK in Hong Kong as a reporter and newsreader.


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