The international perspective on the US elections.

The world is now watching to know what four more years of President Trump – or the Democratic Party alternative – will mean for America and the World. The BBC will be providing comprehensive coverage of the U.S. election from an international perspective, from the primaries to the convention and all the way through election night.

If the U.S. election was being watched with interest by the world, but not intensely - that changed with the assassination of Iranian military commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani. Until this moment Trump's international actions seemed more directly aimed at receiving approval from the U.S. electorate - a trade war with China, tough action on migrants from South America. Now there seem to be immediate and real actions that are being taken that can change an entire region, and a region whose fortunes reverberate around the world.

Comprehensive Timeline of Coverage

Primaries: There will be full coverage from the Washington Bureau. Plus, special documentary reports this spring from Texas, Louisiana, New York and Chicago on guns, migration and the justice system.

Conventions: BBC Newshour will be in Milwaukee and Charlotte along with teams from the BBC's Washington Bureau.

Running up to Election Day: "How the world sees America" - from China to Chile, Afghanistan to Algeria, what does the world make of President Trump's America, and what do they make of the alternative offered by the Democratic Party candidate. In a selection of programs and reports the BBC will make clear what America – and its President – means to the world. Jamie Coomarasamy will also be returning to Wisconsin where he has been talking to different communities ahead of each recent election.

Election 2020: Listening to America Partnership

In partnership with the Election 2020: Listening to America project  led by Donna Vestal of KCUR/Harvest Public Media, the BBC World Service will be collaborating on:

  1. Documentaries looking at the community issues and how these are reflected in the debate within the presidential race, presented by local station journalists  working alongside BBC producers and for a global audience.
  2. A week-long series of live events and broadcasts with local stations.
  3. A community debate within the heart of a rural community itself undergoing demographic cultures and economic transformation.

Election Night: The BBC World Service will run an Election Special from 5:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 3 to  4:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, November 4. This show will be anchored from three locations across the country. (locations and hosts will be announced at a later date).

This will be followed by special editions of Newshour live from Washington with Jamie Coomarsamy focusing on the U.S. and global reaction.  

Global View on 2020 module

How is the U.S. presidential election being reported on, discussed and commented on in countries like China, Russia, France, Germany and the UK? The BBC World Service brings you Global View on 2020.

This 59-second, week-in-review module delivers an international perspective on the 2020 elections to your audiences. It can round out your established news programming and can be seamlessly placed during breaks in Saturday programs like Weekend Edition or Weekend All Things Considered. Visit the program page for more information.

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