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Unearthing voter suppression tactics with partner stations in swing states

APM Reports' focus this election season will be on voter suppression tactics. It’s widely expected among voting rights groups, research centers and civil rights activists that there’ll be myriad attempts to limit voting in 2020, particularly in swing states and in states that have a large number of minority voters. While these efforts are characterized by some people as tactics to prevent illegal voting, others say they’re designed to keep minorities and low-income people from voting. The recent news about a diminished U.S. Postal Service has added to the concern that it may not be able to deliver on time the expected high volume of mailed ballots triggered by the pandemic, which could result in votes not being counted.

Holding down turnout and uncounted ballots in even a small county and can have a big effect – in the 2016 presidential race, 107,000 votes collectively from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan delivered the election for President Trump. And the major cities in those states – Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit – already suffer from lagging postal service. In 2018 allegations of voter suppression efforts were rampant throughout Florida and Georgia, for example, and some analysts say those tactics may have affected outcomes. APM Reports has broken a number of stories from Georgia, revealing questionable purges of voting rolls that prompted the governor there to change policy.

APM Reports – along with its national broadcast partner Reveal – has assembled a reporting collaboration with other stations to report this story. This isn’t the only collaborative investigation APM Reports has going; it’s currently working with eight other stations examining a company with operations nationwide.

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