Turn to APM’s arts and culture offerings to help your listeners unplug during the upcoming political season.

Arts & Culture Election Programmings

While keeping up on the daily news during this pivotal moment in American politics is important, sometimes listeners need a break for their mental health and wellbeing – and what is more relaxing than taking some time to unwind with APM's tried and true arts and cultural programming.

Live From Here

Special programming from Live From Here will include a one-hour evergreen show dedicated to giving listeners suffering from election fatigue a rejuvenating break from political coverage.

Live from Here with Chris Thile is a Saturday-night destination for audiences everywhere. This variety show features a unique blend of musical performances, comedy and audience interaction.

Classical Programming

Election season can be stressful; the American Phycological Association found that more than half of American adults (56%) feel stressed about the upcoming election season, that's almost 5% more than the last presidential election in 2016.  Studies have found that classical music can be used as a relaxation technique that can cause the heart rate to slow down and help relieve stress and emotional distress. Visit the classical programming webpage for more information.

Visit the Live From Here or Classical program page for more information or reach out to your station relations representative with any questions you may have.

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