How We Survive: The Rising Sea

The climate crisis is here. Time is slipping away to stop the worst effects of global warming, and the world is looking for solutions. In “How We Survive: The Rising Sea,” Amy Scott follows the money to the end of the world. In this case, South Florida. Miami is one of the most vulnerable coastal cities in the world because of climate change. Billions of dollars are pouring into the region to help it adapt to hotter temperatures, fierce storms and rising waters. But will it be enough?

We dig into the messiness of solutions. We look at how the insurance industry is determining where people live, and how broken that industry is in Florida. We explore “managed retreat,” the process of relocating entire communities from unlivable places. And we answer: How do you live in a place that wasn’t meant for massive development? And should we continue to try?


Amy Scott
Amy Scott has been a reporter at Marketplace for over 20 years, exploring the ways the economy works (or doesn’t) for so many of us. In recent years, she’s focused more specifically on the housing crisis. Using an economic and housing lens she explores how climate change will impact where and how we live. Amy identifies as a white woman.


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