Becoming Muslim

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In Becoming Muslim, we explore the motivations and challenges of converts as they carve out a uniquely American path for being Muslim in the United States. We profile four people who have converted to Islam, and ask: how has their conversion shaped the rest of their lives? Each person offers a different window into this diverse and complex religion. In a religion that’s often partitioned by nationality and culture, how do these new Muslims fit in?

Becoming Muslim draws intimate portraits through thoughtful and conversational journalism that allows real voices to come through — voices rarely heard on broadcast. Host Hana Baba, of Sudanese-Muslim background, walks us through these stories about the joys and challenges of what happens to four people after their conversion to Islam. Listeners will have a chance to learn about the Islam embraced by these new converts, which counters the usual narrative presented in the media.

KALW’s The Spiritual Edge Podcast explores the shifting, dynamic nature of religion and spirituality. We offer stories of people and communities who balance a commitment to long-held beliefs with an active, modern life. Often an emotional subject, the lens of religion offers profound insight into the world’s cultures. It has played a role in many of the world’s conflicts, as well as art, health, and influences the way people search for meaning. Our goal is to explore those dynamics so that we can better understand how religion and spirituality help to shape our inner and outer worlds.

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July 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022

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Hana Baba

Hana Baba is a producer and host for The Spiritual Edge podcast. She’s also the host of The Stoop, a groundbreaking podcast about the Black diaspora rooted in her own experiences as a Muslim woman and daughter of Sudanese immigrants. In addition, she hosts Crosscurrents, a KALW’s daily news magazine. She is a San Francisco Bay Area journalist with 20+ years experience in radio. Her interviews and reporting range in topics from ethnic community issues, poverty and health to culture, religion, politics, and the arts. An Arabic speaker and Sudanese-American, Hana reports from and about Sudan and Sudanese communities. Hana’s freelance work has appeared in PRI's The World, BBC World Service, and New America Media.

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