Why food waste matters (ENCORE)

Presented by The Water Main from American Public Media, and hosted by Marketplace's Jed Kim, "Just Eat It" presents the environmental challenges of food production and waste in a way that entertains and inspires change, rather than guilt.

Agriculture accounts for two-thirds of the nation's fresh water use and half its land use. Despite this massive investment, America wastes 40 percent of its food.
This new special explores the resources used to grow food – and what we can do to ensure they're not squandered – with engaging stories and helpful tips for grocery shopping, using leftovers and organizing the refrigerator.

Guests include: Francis Lam, host of The Splendid Table; Joanne Berkenkamp of the Natural Resources Defense Council; Homa Dashtaki, founder of White Moustache yogurt; chefs-in-training at Maryland Food Bank's FoodWorks program; grocery store dumpster divers; families participating in a food waste challenge; a farmer on the resources behind food production; a chef armed with ideas for repurposing food scraps.

"Just Eat It: Why food waste matters" is perfect for Earth Day (April 22) and Stop Food Waste Day (April 24), as well as the summer picnic and party season.


Jed Kim

Jed Kim is a public radio journalist who has reported for Marketplace and Southern California Public Radio. He is an occasional host of the Marketplace Tech Report and a contributor to the popular kids’ podcast Smash Boom Best. He lives in Los Angeles, which has an amazing food scene that he does not take advantage of, because he has a toddler.


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