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Some people celebrate the holidays with cheer and eggnog and magic. Some people don’t celebrate the holidays at all. And a lot of people endure the holidays with a grin on their face and a pain in their heart. Because the holidays are tough, and in this special host Nora McInerny (from the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking) is going to talk about it. With special guests and stories from listeners, it is an honest look at why some people aren’t so jolly during this difficult time of year.


Nora McInerney

In 2011, Nora McInerny's boyfriend Aaron suffered a seizure. Which turned out to be brain cancer. Which turned out to be terminal. They got married a month later. Had a baby the next year. And they spent 3 years living the heck out of their vows. Then, Nora miscarried their second baby. Seven days later, her father died. And six weeks after that, Aaron was gone, too.

Nora documented this time in her life through her popular blog My Husband's Tumor. She turned Aaron's favorite tee shirt, and her own experience with the silence of suffering, into a non-profit called Still Kickin, which supports awesome people going through awful things like cancer, ALS and Parkinson's, and encourages meaningful conversations about the parts of life people would rather not see. Her memoir, It's Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool, Too), was published by HarperCollins In May 2016. Nora is a Contributing Editor for, and a regular contributor to


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